Adding QR codes to posters

When you put together a cafe event on this site you'll notice the page generates a QR code (the black and white square to the right of the event). This 'QR code', if added to posters, stickers or other print media works as a scannable shortcut to your event page.

How they work

QRposterAnyone with a smartphone (iPhone, Android phone etc) and a QR reader app can use their camera to 'scan' the code which will then open the page with your event.

Adding them to the posters

Of course, the best way to use these to promote the event is to add them to your posters. We've provided you with free to use promotional posters. If you have expensive PDF editing software then adding the codes is easy. We know that most people are working on a budget so here's how to add the code using free online services:

  1. Download the posters.
  2. Download the QRcode from an event page (right click the QRcode and select 'save image as').
  3. Go to a site that allows you to edit online, we tried PDFescape which was quite easy to use.
  4. Upload the PDF to the site.
  5. Upload the QRcode image and place it where you want on the posters.
  6. Download the edited PDF to your desktop.


We've even made promotional posters for you to use.



HIT produces a range of high quality harm reduction leaflets.



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