Promoting an event

While most meetings are likely to start off small with just a few harm reduction advocates that already know each other, what we want is to attract others. Here are some ideas for promoting your (and other people's) events:

  • Set up a page here: the first thing to do, of course, is to set up the event on this site. You can do this for free, as long as you're not charging for admission.
  • Using Twitter: there is a growing international community of harm reduction advocates on Twitter, many of whom will be more than willing to travel to your event or even just 're-tweet' your link to the event page. A good way to find people to 'follow' on Twitter is to search using keywords like #harmreduction or #naloxone. The 'official' hashtag for harm reduction cafe events is #HRcafe.
  • Using Facebook: you can use the 'event' page on the service, or if the meeting is going to be more regular, you could even set up its own Facebook page (NOTE: it's important to do this using Facebook pages rather than setting up the meeting as a 'person'. Setting it as a person breaks the terms of service of Facebook and gives you far too much access to people's personal data, which puts some people off adding you).
  • Word of mouth: of course it's not a high tech solution, but word of mouth is still the best way to spread news of something exciting happening in your local community.
  • Piggybacking other events: have your cafe event just before or after another conference. This has the advantage of ensuring that more people are likely to be in the area to join in. You could even ask the conference organisers to include details of your event in both their promotional material and on the day (if they do, be generous and include a link to their event in your promotional materials).
  • Posters in services: use some of the posters available in the Resources section of this site to promote your event. There are also recommendations for tools that you can use to develop your own posters.
  • QR Codes on posters: every event that's advertised on this site is given its own unique QR Code that, when scanned with a smartphone or other mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android Phone etc), directs the user back to the event's page. Download the QR Code from your event page and add it to any promotional materials you produce.
  • Engage user groups: (unless of course you are a user group, in which case, engage workers) after all we are all aiming for the same outcomes.

One last thing to remember is that you can also help other people promote their events as well. Each event page has buttons that let you share the details on popular social media sites. We need to help our community as much as we can.


We've even made promotional posters for you to use.



HIT produces a range of high quality harm reduction leaflets.



Use the site to start and promote your own cafe.

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