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Although the whole point of the Harm Reduction Cafe idea is that it should be inexpensive and easy to do, there may be situations where you need a small amount of funding. It could be that you're running a more formal event at a conference venue, that you've arranged an out of town speaker who needs travel expenses, or even just that you want to buy everyone a coffee (or beer).

Funding?So here are some options for funding:

  • Tip Jar Funding: this is the way many similar kinds of meeting are funded (skeptics in the pub, or even NA). Everyone puts a few Pounds/Dollars/Euros in a jar at each meeting to cover costs.
  • Organisational Sponsorship: it's in the local drug services' best interests to promote harm reduction and cafe events are a great form of low cost community engagement. The chances are that their staff are either arranging the meeting or attending it.
  • Corporate Sponsorship: corporations that supply equipment to harm reduction services (sterile needles, naloxone etc.) are always looking for ways to engage the community. They may well be happy to cover the costs of a few drinks if you give them the chance to talk to people about their products for 20 minutes. Encourage them to hang around afterwards, as they can get ideas about future needs of people and services.
  • No Funding: really, you don't need any funding for a basic cafe; just run one!


We've even made promotional posters for you to use.



HIT produces a range of high quality harm reduction leaflets.



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